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  • Oversized image printing on all substrates
  • Photography & videography
  • Audio recording & production
  • Video production, editing & distribution
  • Animation & motion graphic production
  • Graphic design
  • Social media setup and optimization
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  • E-commerce solutions

Are You There…
When Customers Reach Out to You?

If a customer recently purchased a new television but needed to troubleshoot “how to connect it to other audio/video equipment”, he or she has many resource options: goes to company website, watches a troubleshooting video on YouTube, reaches out on Twitter or Facebook, asks on a support forum, calls the company or chats online. Which of these options do you provide for your customers?

Consumers choose social media channels based on how well that particular medium satisfies their need. Especially when they choose to engage with a brand. The MORE media options you offer, the more opportunities for your customers to reach out and connect with you (instead of competitors).


  • Know which media your customers prefer?
  • Offer relevant information equally across media channels?
  • Limit information that customers can access?
  • Need to improve customer access to information?


  • Prefer email or text messages?
  • Respond better when you send personalized direct mailers?

Digital Marketing for Businesses

It’s important for businesses to understand how customers like to communicate. How often do you reach out and connect with your existing customers?

Customer communication preferences can have a huge impact on the success of a marketing campaign. But tracking customer preferences gets a bit tricky when communication technologies keep changing. And they DO keep changing. Technology actually evolves faster than the introduction of new devices or the ways we can imagine applying them!

Most of these changes are making powerful impacts on how people communicate, play, shop and connect with others. With the increasing number of extremely useful smartphone apps and features, digital technology is playing an increasing role in how we communicate with one another and how we physically interact with the world around us.


The mission of brand marketing is to reinforce and manage a brand’s image as effectively as possible. This involves identifying and reinforcing ways to ensure that all aspects of the business reflect and support the intended brand as a consistent message to consumers. Throughout brand strategy development, marketers need to consider all the ways that customers will experience or perceive their business:

  • Customer comments and reviews
  • Customer services and employee interactions
  • Employee communications
  • Advertising and marketing efforts
  • Community involvement/impact
  • Customer service policies

Maintaining consistency is the key to creating a strong brand. As social media and other online technologies increase the number of customer touchpoints with your business, employees, services and products, it’s extremely important to establish checkpoints and evaluate your actions – on all levels. Empower your employees to recognize and address any inconsistencies that would potentially erode the brand that you’ve all worked so hard to build and support.

Brand Marketing Strategies


Print is still alive as a viable marketing solution for many specific targeting needs. The following valued examples are sometimes forgotten:

  • Provide information in a format that is deliverable to anyone – even those who are not tech savvy or do not use social media, email or smartphones
  • Send useful offers at a time when they would need it most.
  • Deliver a personalized message to individual customers
  • Consider the tactile feel of specialty or durable papers for your printed materials.
  • Create a lasting impression using print. It doesn’t disappear when customers delete an email or turn off their computer!


Do SmartPhones and other new media impact your business, brand or sales?

Discover marketing tactics that correct and improve how new media can create a positive user experience for your customers. By staying proactive, you can ensure that your business is presented well on new media devices. We can help you stay alert.

Search & Social Optimization

When implemented effectively, search engine optimization is a strategy that will increase your website’s ranking position in search engines, drive more traffic to your website and increase the number of pre-qualified online visitors.

To take full advantage of search optimization, it’s critical to ensure that you Optimize All Online Environments where you might be found:

  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Blog (including your articles or comments on other blog sites)
  • Consumer Review sites

Noticeable increases in all these areas will usually boost the number of quality sales leads and profits.

Top Reasons Why Businesses Need SEO

Web Design

An aesthetically pleasing and relevant design are very important to deliver the correct message, brand and solution to your intended online visitors. Our web designers and programmers work cohesively to ensure that users are greeted with a highly-professional, credible website that clearly offers an easy-to-navigate interface that helps them quickly locate the specific information, services or products that they desire.

Envision your website as a living, breathing customer experience. Each time you update your website with new, useful information, you’re adding relevant value for customers, as well as reasons for them to share and return. For additional ways to energize your website, ask us about our content development and optimization services.