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Brand Awareness (or promotional marketing) is about finding ways to introduce your company and brand to intended audiences. While this is an ever-important marketing component of your product or service, raising awareness is probably the most expensive marketing phase.

Because most people fear the unknown, consumers are typically hesitant about trying new products. And the longer it takes to convince consumers to give your product (or service) a try, the longer you’ll remain in the brand awareness promotional phase.

Tracking Brand Awareness in Social Media

Brand Recognition

After initial brand awareness promotions, it’s important to keep reminding customers about your brand. Maintaining brand name awareness is just as important. Without a consistent reminder, brand recognition can erode – or even worse, be replaced by a fierce competitor’s branding efforts.

Businesses can tap into their customers and ask for input and suggestions. Social media, specifically Facebook and Twitter, provides a great way to listen and connect with customers, thereby helping to further promote and maintain your brand image. Instant feedback from customers can be collected and reviewed. As needed, you can communicate directly with customers regarding your products, changes, company news and more.

7 Ways to Build Brand Awareness
  • Know your target and direct your brand message for them
  • Build a brand worth believing in – promise something of Good Value for your customers
  • Create a unique, eye-catching brand
  • Brand is more than a logo or company name
  • Create a cohesive brand experience among different media
  • Don’t sacrifice creativity
  • Don’t communicate brand at the expense of delivering
  • Listen to the customers: They determine a brand’s true value
Promoting Your Brand on Social Media

The question is WHERE do you need to be? The Answer is WHEREVER conversations taking place about your brand, products or services. Your strategy begins by discovering the high traffic social channels where people are talking about your brand. We can help you locate these channels. Below are some tactical ideas.

  • Increase your friend network
  • Starting a group
  • Share useful, relevant information
  • Engage in quality conversations
  • Network with moderators of larger groups
  • Be an active participant
  • Be an active listener