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Do Colors Affect Your Mood

All around us, colors are used to capture our attention, elicit certain emotions, influence our opinions or motivate us to take some form of action.

The result of color’s visual impact is more noticably demonstrated in works of art, architecture, floral gardens, movies and advertisements. Everyday, people are making color selections that are important to them – from the colors we wear or choose for decorating our homes, to the color of our cars…

For a romantic evening, you might set the mood by dimming the lights. But have you ever considered selecting a color to influence perceptions or opinions?

Colors in Marketing

If you agree that emotions are a strong driving force behind consumer decision-making skills, you’ll find it interesting to explore how colors can exert a profound influence on your customers’ emotions.

Color psychology provides insightful clues to the reasons why people view their surroundings from their perspective of their mood, their emotions and their personal behaviors.

Colors affect people in many ways, which may be influenced by one’s age, gender, ethnic background or local climate.

Drawing on power of the psychology to use color as a subliminal catalyst to boost their sales, big brand marketers use this information to influence how customers shop. That’s where a strong design company can make a big uplift in your profits.

Color Considerations

  • To brand a political promotion, which colors would you use to inspire support?
  • For a fundraising activity, which colors would you select to generate more donations and bigger contributions?
  • Which colors might suggest Trust?
  • Quality?
  • Expertise?

Colors can evoke many different feelings. Think about which emotions you’d want to tap into with YOUR customers. Hmmmm?