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More Info About QR Codes

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Now… consider what QR Codes can do for your business.

As exciting as this technology is, it’s important to stay realistic in your ROI expectations of QR Codes. With the growth of mobile marketing, it is ONE more tool to reach an audience. Plus, it allows you to be interactive in many more ways. Even explaining what these are to your customers and telling them how to use your QR Codes… it’s a conversation opportunity. And you’ll want those!

BONUS! Whatever you add your QR Codes to, it’s important to track and measure the results.

Just remember – it’s all about making things simpler for customers to connect with you. Always deliver the value they expect to find. And have fun coming up with more and more creative ways to bring extra value to your customers and to connect with new leads.

More Ways to use QR Codes…

  • Business Cards
  • URLs
  • Phone #s
  • Email Addresses
  • Events
  • Billboards
  • Magazine ads or articles
  • T-shirts
  • Signs on Trucks, Vans or other service vehicles

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Here are several sites where you can setup an account and generate your QR Code file today:


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